Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jeffrey Ford Weighs In

When it rains it pours, I guess.
I spent the day at the ALA mid-winter conference in Philadelphia. Never mind that it's 50+ degrees here so "winter" is one of those sillyass words that gets thrown around by clambrained maroons like Senator Inhofe, who thinks global warming was invented by an evil cabal of liberal activists bent on kicking the shit out of Exxon or something ... and by the way, when can we start?

A great time was had by all. Librarians are wonderful folk. You'd almost think they got into this particular occupation because they feel that books--and by extension thought--mattered. Jeepers, Mr. Kent. No wonder Vice President Emperor Zombie would like them rounded up.

Last night was a Random House party at the Mummer's Museum. Much dancing to live string band music (especially by one particular couple from Random House). About half a million copies of Magic in the Mirrorstone were signed and given away. Some will go on library shelves. Some were for the librarians themselves. Ann Veddies came up with a brilliant scheme I will hereafter adopt: to sign the LAST page of one's story in a collection instead of the first. That way, whatever pithy comment flows out of one's addled brain, it seems like an afterword.

But I digress....

Jeffrey Ford has posted to his blog a very nice piece on Shadowbridge, and in the interest of increasing his traffic flow (what else?) I point you to it: It's much better than me tooting the horn. Really. You've never seen me toot.

gf out

Her Name is Leodora and She Dances in the Sand

Jezebel, the evil incarnate interviewer spawned by author Jackie Kessler, has just posted her interview with Leodora, the heroine of Shadowbridge.

You can hear what Leodora has to say at

or via the LiveJournal format:

Man, you invent these characters and then they go around telling stories about you...


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gearing up for the ALA

The ALA (American Library Association) is meeting in Philadelphia this weekend. I will be on hand, along with Holly Black and others, to sign copies of the YA anthology, Magic in the Mirrorstone, as well as the first-seen copies of my novel, Shadowbridge. I've no idea if there are librarians tracking any of this blogosphere stuff, but if so, please drop by the Random House booth on Saturday and say hello.